"Every time I step into this space ... a calming occurs. Thank you for the opportunity to meet new people and re-affirm myself."
- Gail Stephan

The aroma of the essential oils affects the limbic system of the brain, where olfactory centers link with the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland (master gland) to regulate hormone secretions, sleep cycles, memory, hunger, and blood pressure, influencing neurochemistry of the body and potentiating powerful health benefits. Essential oils have a powerful effect on our body, mind and spirit, supporting us physiologically, emotionally, and intuitively. Do you ever wonder why you are drawn to a specific scent? When I first experienced pure frankincense from doTERRA, I was instantly drawn into my body, centering into presence, and felt a deeper connection to my Soul. Trust me, when you smell these oils, you can tell they carry a high vibration that is beyond exceptional.


I love to learn, teach and explore! I was born with a Cancer Sun zodiac sign, a Sagittarius moon with a Leo rising sign. My work is predominantly focused around both nourishing, and adventurous activities. I teach education classes in Vancouver regularly, and offer the experience of these beautiful essential oils in my public and private yoga classes.

For more information email Brittany at blyons.mobile@gmail.com.