Hatha Yoga is a great class for any skill level. This uplifting practice focuses on alignment and breath to release muscles and calm the mind. Whether you are looking for a way to rest and rejuvenate, to release tension, or simply to stretch out sore muscles, Hatha Yoga will benefit you.


Yin Yoga is a favorite at the studio, it is a practice of stillness, patience and non-reactivity. In this practice each pose is held for 2 or more minutes. Long holds allow you to work deeply into your fascia, encourage lengthening and release of the connective tissue, while cultivating a peaceful and meditative mind. This is the most effective practice for building flexibility in muscles and joints.


Flow Yoga is a broad classification that includes many different types of yoga Ashtanga and Power. What to expect: moving, sometimes vigorously, from pose to pose, the class could be slow or fast-paced, each teacher is offering a different sequence and style.

Our teachers always offer alternatives to suit all levels, from beginners to experienced yogis.


​Yogalates is a fusion of Yoga and Pilates, incorporating the breathing, movement, and mindful practices of both. This class will focus on developing core strength in the abdominal muscles, glutes and legs, as well as the muscles of the back and arms. Through it all we will breathe and have a lot of fun. Laughter is guaranteed in these high intensity classes and savasana will feel that much sweeter!


Restorative Hatha is the most gentle kind of yoga you can find. If you are recovering from an injury, heart ache or work stress, this practice gently and compassionately brings you back into your body.

If you have any specific physical concerns please don’t hesitate to ask us if this practice is right for you.


This class is designed to increase your ability to move through your daily routine pain free. We will use everyday movements such as reaching, pushing, pulling, twisting, bending, squatting, lunging and more, to improve the health of your joints, your range of motion and your strength.

Movements explored will include locomotion, mobility exercises, movement exploration, body weight conditioning and rolling. This class is both challenging and therapeutic, suitable for all levels.



Bellyfit® is the world’s fastest growing wholistic fusion fitness system. An innovative integration of flow yoga, dance, and fitness offers a deliciously spicy, heart-opening, and hip rockin’ experience. Enjoy a fun, flowing, full-body, ‘devotion in motion’ that will tone, strengthen, lengthen, and open both body and spirit. This sweaty and uplifting class is a choreographed routine done entirely on the mat to a non-stop soundtrack of worldly beats, with bi-weekly themes to support your body, mind, and spirit. Expect a community-oriented, welcoming and inclusive environment. Yoga and Dance Unite. No experience necessary.



Grace meets athleticism! This low impact class uses isometric strength training and small controlled movements to build heat, and create long, strong muscles. The movements are inspired by ballet, but by no means do you need to be a “good dancer”! This class focuses on lower body strength, core and stability exercises utilizing the Bender Ball, and finishes with a delicious stretch to round things out.



Power Yoga is a fun, sweaty, and fast paced class, suitable for those with a strong foundation in Hatha Yoga. Breath and movement links postures together in an energetic and flowing sequence that will leave you with a big sweaty smile on your face.

If you are unsure if power yoga is for you just ask one of our many great teachers!


Pre-natal yoga specifically targets the pregnant body. In this class you can expect gentle yoga postures, breath and meditation within a supportive community. This class will help enhance calmness, ease, intuition, joy and spirit, all important things for the birthing process!

No previous yoga experience necessary, all stages of pregnancy welcome.