Yoga at home

  1. Register for your class on Schedule (24h prior preferred)
  2. Receive a Zoom link by email, within 24 hours prior the class
  3. Click on the Zoom link and follow the steps to join the class
  4. Each session will start 15 min before the class
  5. Don’t forget to mute yourself, when the class starts


What if i don’t receive the link or can’t find the Zoom link? If you have not received the Zoom Link 15 min prior the class, check your spam folder. Still no link, call us at 778-300-1991.

Can the other participants see me? Like a regular class, the participants can see you, if your camera is on. Feel free to join a class with the camera off.

What if i don’t have props (bolsters, blocks) at home? The teacher will always offer tips and alternatives poses, don’t hesitate to ask. We are also selling props (second hand), reach out to for more details.

Why do i have to mute myself at the start of the class? The person talking, or any source of noise will appear on the main screen. To make sure the teacher is always the one appearing on the main screen, please mute yourself.

How do I mute myself? A small microphone pictogramm should appear on the bottom left. Right click to mute.