“It is said in Martial Arts that when we reach the highest skill levels, it ceases to be a physical practice and transforms into a spiritual practice. For Yoga, the more Asanas I commit to muscle memory, the more present I become and the more I experience the true spiritual side of the Art.” – David Lau

Marcela Barrenechea

Marcela loves to move and express herself creatively. Drawing from her background in live performance, she is extremely mindful of reading the energy in the room and leading her classes accordingly. She teaches with a positive vibe and with a strong knowledge of human anatomy which empowers you to work through the poses in the way best suited to your body. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in April 2012 and since then she has been sharing her passion for the mind-body-spirit connection. Bring your self as you are and join her on your mat!

Laura Roman

Seven years ago, I discovered yoga and I have been in love with the practice ever since then. I believe Yoga can teach patience, kindness and how to enjoy the journey without judgement. My classes are alignment based, cultivating strength, flexibility and harmony of mind. My classes are challenging, yet accessible to all levels. Come to stretch, relax and have some fun.

Bryony Ollier

Bryony Ollier, is passionate about health, creativity, social interaction, nature, and all that allows us to appreciate the preciousness life through a lens of beauty, harmony and gratitude.
Bryony is a Yoga aspirant, Performing artist and Singer, RCYT, E-RYT 200, YACEP, and is trauma informed yoga, and Reiki level I and II certified. Bryony is dedicated to sharing her love of music, movement, yoga with all, regardless of age and abilities. She believes that yoga is a gift for all, which provides tools for a greater appreciation of life. She is working in schools, Simon Fraser University, studios, recreation and assisted living centers. She lived and taught yoga and arts in Japan for 12 years where she observed and appreciated the longevity and active aging there.

Lorena Quintero

Lorena has been practicing & living yoga for 10 years & has been offering classes and workshops for 6. Yoga for her has been a journey of growth, connection, transformation, presence and beautiful awakening. With every class she seeks to inspire people to create their own unique journey into a conscious life by connecting to themselves, detaching from conditioned truths & listening to inner wisdom. Her classes are dynamic, organic sequences designed to move with the body, flow with the breath, and feel with the soul. She combines asana, meditation, and breath.

Aya Khay-Ito

I discovered yoga over 10 years ago and it is now a part of my daily life. Yoga has been helping me to relax my body and keep my mind at peace. After having my daughter, I started having strong passions to support and connect with others by leading yoga classes. I have found that having a constant practice has helped me grow stronger and more flexible physically and mentally. I believe that Yoga connects us with nature and to the roots that we all originate from.