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Time to say goodbye!

I started to attend classes at the studio back in 2014, and it did not take long for the studio to become my favorite go to place for yoga classes. The sense of community & every teacher being so passionate made it such a unique place, where everyone was welcomed.

You have all contributed to building the community over the years and I would like to THANK YOU for your unconditional support. Even during the pandemic, the community stayed strong despite the distance.

The time has come, it is time for me to let go! It is with a heavy heart that we say say goodbye!

The last class virtual class was on Monday July 04th at 9:30am with Virginia.

What about the teachers from Yoga Spirit?

You can stay in touch, check out their classes at other studios (full details below) or contact them for private yoga classes:


RVN wellness in Port Moody is offering both in person & virtual classes.
use the code: YOGASPIRIT

To get your first class free, applicable for virtual and in person classes.
Offer valid until July 31st

Forever grateful that Yoga Spirit and Wellness was part of your yoga journey, 

From my heart to yours,

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