Welcome to week three everyone!

In my experience the third week of any challenge is the hardest. It’s often during this week that my will starts to get tired.  I say my will, because in most cases my body doesn’t get tired, it’s my mind that does.  Remember the last emotionally challenging day you had? Think for a moment about how you felt by the end of it.  I don’t know about you, but I have to muster all of my strength just to brush my teeth.  I’m exhausted.  I haven’t done anything particularly physically challenging, but my will has simply faded away.  That is what week 3 of a yoga challenge is like for  me.

This is when I realize that yoga is taking up a lot of my time and find myself thinking that it would be quite nice to sleep in on a Sunday morning. I’m not saying that you need to attend all power classes just because your muscles aren’t actually tired.  What I want you to do is keep coming, AND take time to nurture yourself; register for that yin class or skip that chaturanga.  Yoga is not a competition, we are learning to heal and feel safe in our bodies.  A big part of that process is learning to be gentle and compassionate with yourself.

Last week was an emotional roller coaster! Sunday morning I woke up and I was already in a tizzy.  I was completely worked up about something that hadn’t even happened. I didn’t realize it until I stopped, took a few deep breaths and a moment to notice the quality of my thoughts.   Just that simple act changed my entire day.

Find compassion for yourself, because change is hard. You made it this far and in the words of Ellen Degeneres, “Be kind to each other (and yourself!).”


Don’t forget we are here to support you.  Just one class or a quick email away.

November 15th, 2013

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