We will be celebrating our 9th birthday this year on September 10th!

Join us at 11:30 at Holdom Plaza for a playful beginner acro/partner yoga session with Katherine Wilson.

Then we will head back to the studio for a food/gift exchange! Followed by cake!

What does this exchange entail? We are community oriented individuals and we have an opportunity here for homesteaders, novice gardeners and everyone in between to share their bumper crops with others in exchange for products they believe have equal value. (eg one family may keep backyard hens and have a surplus of eggs, another may have fruit trees with an abundance of fruit or jams, these items could be brought and traded) It is important to us to come back to the idea of community, getting to know the people around us and what they have to offer. There will be no money involved, strictly bartering of goods that two parties deem to be of equal value.

July 27th, 2017

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