Welcome to the Yoga Spirit 30 day challenge! We are thrilled that you made the commitment to practice with us for the next month. I know the challenge has just started but you’re here, no matter the outcome you took this step today to create positive change in your life. So give yourself a pat yourself on the back.

Now lets get down to business, I want to talk about some practical things you can do to support yourself this month. We are all in this together but ultimately you are the one who has to get out of bed in the morning, make your way to the studio and on to your mat. Choosing to participate in this challenge is part of manifesting a reality that you want for yourself. So lets take the practical steps necessary to get rid of the BS holding us back so we can support ourselves on a daily basis.

1. Tell people: First thing’s first, you’ve got to tell someone what you are doing. Life is infinitely more challenging when we try to do everything by ourselves. You don’t have to broadcast the challenge on facebook, but tell the person you see when you first wake up in the morning. One time I tried to do a cleanse without telling anyone; It was a horrible idea. I ended up insulting my friend by not eating her cooking and failed on the second day of the challenge. I lacked support. I lacked understanding from my loved ones and when the going got tough, I ate a cookie. Get your community to hold you accountable.

2. Put it in your agenda: Pull up the Yoga Spirit website grab whatever device you keep your schedule on, put five classes a week in your schedule and commit to them. When someone asks what you are doing on Thursday night say, “I’ve got a date with my yoga mat, I’m free at 8.”

3. Pace yourself: Trust me this one is important and something I’ve learned the hard way, having once done 5 Bikram’s Yoga classes in one day (for realz, I don’t recommend it). I get it, I’m excitable too and the energy you feel right now is what’s going to carry you through these next 30 days. However if we over do it than we don’t create a sustainable life practice, which is what yoga is, a life practice.

4. Write down your limiting beliefs: all the reasons why you think you can’t do this challenge, the things that normally prevent you from reaching your goals and be honest with yourself. Do you have bad knees, are you really busy? Write down a list and take your time. I keep my list on my phone so that when I catch myself believing that I am not good enough, I can write it down as a limiting belief. This list might take all week to write and that is fine, give it time and let it come to you slowly.

I know it’s weird, right? Why would I get you to write down all your excuses? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Now sit down and look at your list. Take in all these limiting beliefs and know that they are just that, limiting. They are the things that are stopping you from being the amazing human you truly are. When we bring into our conscious mind the things that limit us it becomes that much easier to overcome them. If I don’t know I’m addicted to sugar it is going to be really hard for me to overcome my addiction.

5. Write down all your personal truths: This is another one that will take some time, but hell, we’re doing a yoga challenge, it’s time to get in touch with ourselves. All lasting work takes time. So look inside yourself and find those things that YOU know to be true. I’m not talking about the things your mom told you, but things that you know inside your heart of hearts to be true. You have made the choice once to be apart of this challenge and you are going to have to make that choice again every day you come to the studio. Some days we need back up! That’s what this list is. It is our back up, when shit hits the fan and we or others start judging ourselves this list is our grounding point. It’s what helps us move forward each day. Again I keep this list in my phone because my phone is always with me, and the need for motivation could strike at any time. So create this list and keep it on you for the next 30 days.

6. Don’t take yourself too seriously: After all it’s just yoga. Remember Andrea, Robyn and I are here to support you. So don’t hesitate to chat with us after class or shoot us an email.

See you at the studio soon. 🙂

November 1st, 2013

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